Hierarchical File System Usage Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 06 September 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738419214
ISBN-13: 9780738419213
IBM Form #: SG24-5482-01
(344 pages)

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Authors: Nigel Morton, Rama Ayyar, Dirk Gutschke, Barry Kadleck


This IBM Redbooks publication explains the recent performance enhancements in the DFSMS/MVS Hierarchical File System as used by OS/390 UNIX System Services. It shows you how to set up and manage sharing of HFS data sets in a sysplex and gives practical examples of how to back up and recover HFS (including multi-volume HFS) data sets in a sysplex environment. The use of Tivoli Storage Manager for file-level backup is also described.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to the hierarchical file system
Chapter 2. Introduction to OS/390 UNIX System Services
Chapter 3. HFS externals
Chapter 4. Allocating and mounting HFS data sets
Chapter 5. Managing HFS data sets
Chapter 6. Tivoli Storage Manager
Chapter 7. Sharing and serialization for HFS data sets
Chapter 8. Optimizing HFS performance
Chapter 9. Implementing HFS for selected applications
Chapter 10. HFS sysplex sharing implementation
Appendix A. Miscellaneous implementation topics
Appendix B. Sample JCL and output

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