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Finding an On-ramp to Your AI on IBM Z Journey

An IBM Redpaper publication


Published on 02 May 2024

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ISBN-10: 0738454907
ISBN-13: 9780738454900
IBM Form #: REDP-5723-00

Authors: Stefanie Lauria, Evan Rivera and Andrew Sica

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    This document focuses on conveying IBM's thought leadership around outlining a roadmap for customers, assisting them in understanding the best path to getting a jump start on an AI project on IBM Z. From evaluating use cases, to selecting the right use case and understanding the potential pitfalls, this document will discuss key considerations and highlight resources to help get you started.

    Table of Contents

    The mainframe to power AI in core business workloads is in your data center

    Leveraging traditional AI on IBM Z

    The framework

    Action 1: Who to talk to and how to talk to them

    Action 2: Use case discovery and assessment

    Action 3: Identify differentiating features that can bring additional value

    Action 4: Key communication for an AI project

    What's next: How IBM can help

    Resources for more information


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