Electronic Health Records with Epic and IBM FlashSystem 9100 Blueprint Version 2 Release 2


Published 06 November 2019

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ISBN-10: 073845818x
ISBN-13: 9780738458182
(38 pages)

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This information is intended to facilitate the deployment of IBM® FlashSystem for the Epic Corporation electronic health record (EHR) solution by describing the requirements and specifications for configuring IBM FlashSystem® 9100 and its parameters.

The document also describes the steps that are required to configure the server that host the EHR application. To complete the tasks, you must have a working knowledge of IBM FlashSystem 9100 and Epic applications.

The information in this document is distributed on an “as is” basis, without any warranty that is either expressed or implied. Support assistance for the use of this material is limited to situations where IBM FlashSystem storage devices are supported and entitled and where the issues are not specific to a blueprint implementation.

Table of contents

About this document
Executive summary
Getting started: The Epic EHR Solution with IBM FlashSystem 9100
InterSystems Caché
IBM FlashSystem 9100
Typical Epic configuration
Storage configuration for Epic
Recommendations for FlashCopy configuration
Recommendations for Lenovo SR650 or Power8/Power9 server configuration
Lab validation
Storage configuration
Server configuration 1
FlashCopy configuration
Compression and savings
Get more information
Appendix A: The Epic hardware platform sizing process
Appendix B: FS9100 Configuration using CLI
Appendix C: Configuration of Linux on x86 server
Appendix D: Configuration of AIX on Power8 or Power9

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