GPFS Multicluster with the IBM System Blue Gene Solution and eHPS Clusters

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 24 October 2006

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IBM Form #: REDP-4168-00
(48 pages)

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Authors: Dino Quintero, Michael Hennecke


This IBM Redpaper describes a case study in which an IBM System Blue Gene Solution supercomputer is configured to natively access General Parallel File System (GPFS) 2.3 file systems that are owned by an IBM eServer pSeries cluster with AIX 5L and the IBM eServer High Performance Switch (eHPS). The IBM System Blue Gene Solution service node (SN), front-end nodes (FENs), and I/O nodes (IONs) are configured as one GPFS cluster that does not contain any GPFS file systems. The pSeries cluster makes its GPFS file systems available to the Blue Gene system through the GPFS multicluster (GPFS-MC) functionality.

The study is performed in a customer environment where both systems are already operating in production: the Research Center Jülich (FZJ), Germany, operates a large POWER4+ based AIX 5L cluster nicknamed “JUMP”, and an 8-rack Blue Gene system nicknamed “JUBL”. The JUMP cluster is already part of an existing wide-area GPFS multicluster setup—it is one of the sites. The Blue Gene system is added to this multicluster environment as an additional GPFS cluster.

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