An Introduction to Storage Provisioning with Tivoli Provisioning Manager and TotalStorage Productivity Center

An IBM Redpaper publication

Published 18 July 2005

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IBM Form #: REDP-3900-00
(68 pages)

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Authors: Steve Strutt


This IBM Redpaper is an introduction to storage provisioning and is written for anyone who needs to understand IBM automated storage provisioning tools. The IBM storage provisioning solution is based on Tivoli Provisioning Manager. This paper examines TPM’s support for storage provisioning in detail and describe how it can be used standalone or combined with IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center to create a comprehensive storage management and provisioning solution.

To illustrate the power of automated storage provisioning, an example of a storage provisioning solution written to manage an IBM TotalStorage SAN File System is used. This shows how automated storage provisioning can simplify tasks, eliminate the chance of human error, and reduce the time taken to provision servers with SAN attached storage.

Additional material

Click here to download a screen recording and script of Tivoli Provisioning Manager and TotalStorage Productivity Centre (for Advanced Provisioning) being used to provision a storage volume create a logical volume and file system on an AIX server.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. An introduction to storage provisioning
Chapter 2. Tivoli Provisioning Manager support for storage provisioning
Chapter 3. Provisioning Storage with Tivoli Provisioning Manager
Chapter 4. TotalStorage Productivity Center with Advanced Provisioning
Chapter 5. A storage provisioning solution for SAN File System

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