Cloning FCP-attached SCSI Disks on SLES9 Linux for zSeries Systems

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Published 07 December 2004

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IBM Form #: REDP-3871-00

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Authors: Robert Brenneman


This Redpaper describes a procedure to clone a root filesystem residing on an FCP-attached
SCSI disk. Cloning SCSI disks that act as a Linux root filesystem requires special processing
(compared to cloning ECKD DASD). An initial ramdisk containing the zfcp device driver is
required to IPL from SCSI. The ramdisk also contains the FCP device mapping needed to
access the root filesystem on the SCSI disk. When the filesystem is copied, a new initial
ramdisk must be created on the cloned disk. This ramdisk must map the cloned SCSI disk as
the root filesystem (and not the filesystem on the original master SCSI disk).
We illustrate the steps using a SUSE SLES9 Linux distribution running as a guest under
z/VM. The procedure also applies to Linux running in an LPAR on zSeries.

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