Accounting and Monitoring for z/VM Linux guest machines

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Published 30 January 2004, updated 10 May 2004

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IBM Form #: REDP-3818-00

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Authors: Erich Amrehn, Ronald Annuss, Arwed Tschoeke


This IBM Redpaper is intended for clients working with Linux for zSeries under z/VM in a proof of concept or pilot phase. We illustrate a basic accounting and system monitoring implementation to collect and correlate data from both z/VM and Linux.
The first part of this paper illustrates how to set up basic accounting. The second part introduces monitoring concepts that allow clients to estimate resources required for production. We monitor single Linux systems as well as the overall system resource usage. Correlation of both z/VM and Linux monitoring data helps locate resource bottlenecks and identify the cause.
This Redpaper is based on z/VM Version 4.4 and SLES Version 8 for the Linux systems. Linux installations use the default settings.The concepts and examples in this paper can be implemented using standard base z/VM and Linux utilities, but we provide links to licensed z/VM and ISV products that may be used as well.

Table of contents

System setup
Accounting z/VM Linux guests
Monitoring z/VM Linux guests
Code listings
Additional material

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