Linux on IBM eServer zSeries and S/390: Managing a Samba Server from z/VM

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Published 25 February 2003

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IBM Form #: REDP-3604-00

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Authors: Gregory Geiselhart, Roy Costa, Klaus Egeler, Michael MacIsaac


This Redpaper describes a z/VM front-end for managing a Linux Samba file server. For shops that have substantial mainframe skills but UNIX skills that are not as strong, managing a Samba server, even with the Samba Web Administration Tool, or SWAT, can be challenging. The z/VM front-end tool described in this paper, EXLNXID, allows you to maintain a Samba Linux system from a z/VM user ID running CMS.

In this document, file sharing from Microsoft Windows desktops is assumed. We use the term "file system" from a Linux perspective, and use the term "share" from a Windows desktop perspective. Users on the same team, or Linux group, will get shares read-write, while other shares may be accessible read-only.

Table of contents

Samba overview
Managing a Samba server
Preparing the z/VM host
Preparing the Linux guest
Linux distributions and Samba versions
Customizing and using Samba
Installing and customizing the EZLNXID tool
The z/VM EXECs and Linux scripts
Other considerations

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