Quick Reference: AIX Logical Volume Manager and Veritas Volume Manager

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Published 19 December 2000

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IBM Form #: REDP-0107-00

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Authors: Scott Vetter, Johnny Shieh


In the world of UNIX storage management, there are two primary leaders: IBM
and Veritas. Both companies offer products that help UNIX system administrators
manage storage in very flexible methods in comparison to older UNIX
implementations. IBM offers the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) as part of its
Advanced Interactive Executive (AIX) operating system. The LVM is built into the
base operating system and is provided as part of the base AIX installation. Veritas
offers the Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) which is either packaged as a
standalone add-on or part of a larger package such as the Veritas On-Line Storage
Manager. VxVM is designed to be an additional software package added to a
UNIX operating system, most notably the Solaris operating system by Sun
Microsystems, Inc.

Table of contents

Volume Groups
Physical Volumes in Volume Groups
Physical Partitions per Volume Group
Logical Volumes per Volume Group
Logical Partitions per Logical Volume
Mirrored Copies of a Logical Volume
Functional Differences
Software RAID Levels
Mirrored Read Policy
Hot Spot Management
Read/Write Resynchronization
Online Backup of File Systems
Snapshot Backup of File Systems
Quick Resynchronization of Changed Partitions After Backup .
Migration of Data with Active Volumes
Transparent Data Stream Switch After Mirrored Disks Fail
Operation in a Multinode Concurrent Configuration
Commands to Replace Dead or Failing Drives
Hot Spare, Standby Disks
Special Notices

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