System Management Interface Tool SMIT

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Published 19 December 2000

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IBM Form #: REDP-0105-00

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Authors: Scott Vetter, Susan Segura


The AIX System Management Interface Tool (SMIT) provides an alternative to the
typical method of using complex command syntax, valid parameter values, and
custom shell path names for managing and maintaining your operating system

Table of contents

System Management Interface Tool (SMIT)
End User Interface
System Management Activity Logging
Fast Paths
Adding Dialog and Menu Screens for Customer Applications
Learning More About SMIT
Appendix A: Special Notices
Appendix B: SMIT Example Programs
Appendix C: Fast Paths for SMIT Tasks
System Management Menu
Software Installation and Maintenance
Software License Management
System Storage Management
Security & Users
Communications Applications and Services
Print Spooling
Problem Determination
Performance & Resource Scheduling
System Environments
Processes & Subsystems

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