DB2 Cube Views: A Primer

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 05 September 2003

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ISBN-10: 0738499730
ISBN-13: 9780738499734
IBM Form #: SG24-7002-00
(754 pages)

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Authors: Corinne Baragoin, Geetha Balasubramaniam, Bhuvaneshwari Chandrasekharan, Landon DelSordo, Jan B. Lillelund, Julie Maw, Annie Neroda, Paulo Pereira, Jo A. Ramos

Contributing companies: Microstrategy Inc.; Business Objects; Ascential; Cognos,Inc; Meta Integration


Business Intelligence and OLAP systems are no longer limited to the privileged few business analysts: they are being democratized by being shared with the rank and file employee demanding a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that is more OLAP-aware.

DB2 Cube Views and its cube model provide DB2 the ability to address multidimensional analysis and become an actor in the OLAP world.

This IBM Redbooks publication focuses on the innovative technical functionalities of IBM DB2 Cube Views V8.1 to store multidimensional metadata in DB2 catalog; to build automatically model-based summary tables to speed up query performance; and to provide an advanced API to allow other Business Intelligence partners’ tools to benefit from both metadata exchange and improved query performance.

This book positions the new functionalities and their benefits, so you can understand and evaluate their applicability in your own Business Intelligence and OLAP system environment. It provides information and examples to help you to get started planning and implementing the new functionalities.

Table of contents

Part 1. Understand DB2 Cube Views
Chapter 1. An OLAP-aware DB2
Chapter 2. DB2 Cube Views: scenarios and benefits
Part 2. Build and optimize the DB2 Cube Model
Chapter 3. Building a cube model in DB2
Chapter 4. Using the cube model for summary tables optimization
Part 3. Access dimensional data in DB2
Chapter 5. Metadata bridges overview
Chapter 6. Accessing DB2 dimensional data using Office Connect
Chapter 7. Accessing dimensional data in DB2 using QMF for Windows
Chapter 8. Using Ascential MetaStage and the DB2 Cube Views MetaBroker
Chapter 9. Meta Integration of DB2 Cube Views within the enterprise toolset
Chapter 10. Accessing DB2 dimensional data using Integration Server Bridge
Chapter 11. Accessing DB2 dimensional data using Cognos
Chapter 12. Accessing DB2 dimensional data using BusinessObjects
Chapter 13. Accessing DB2 dimensional data using MicroStrategy
Chapter 14. Web services for DB2 Cube Views
Part 4. Appendixes
Appendix A. DataStage: operational process metadata configuration and DataStage job example
Appendix B. Hybrid Analysis query performance results
Appendix C. FAQs, diagnostics, and tracing
Appendix D. DB2 Cube Views stored procedure API
Appendix E. The case study: retail datamart

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