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Latest Redpapers

Redpapers are short technical documents that have been written to address a specific topic. They can be the result of ITSO residencies and may also be contributed from other sources. They reflect working experiences on a specific topic.

Note that these documents are only available online. Because these papers are not published through the ITSO’s normal publishing process, the layouts may vary.

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1. Business Continuity Solution with Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud on Microsoft Azure
Published on 16 May 2022, last updated May-17-2022
2. Getting Started with IBM zHyperLink for z/OS
Published on 15 April 2022
3. IBM Power Systems Cloud Security Guide: Protect IT Infrastructure In All Layers
Published on 14 April 2022, Rating: (based on 7 reviews)
4. IBM Z Functional Matrix
Published on 5 April 2022, last updated April-25-2022
5. IBM FlashSystem Safeguarded Copy Implementation Guide
Published on 25 March 2022, Rating: (based on 1 review)
6. Asynchronous Geographic Logical Volume Mirroring Best Practices for Cloud Deployment
Published on 18 March 2022
7. High Availability and Disaster Recovery Options for IBM Power Cloud and On-Premises
Published on 17 March 2022
8. IBM Spectrum Virtualize, IBM FlashSystem, and IBM SAN Volume Controller Security Feature Checklist
Published on 16 March 2022
9. Early Threat Detection and Safeguarding Data with IBM QRadar and IBM Copy Services Manager on IBM DS8000
Published on 4 March 2022, last updated April-21-2022
10. Cyber Resilient Infrastructure: Detect, Protect, and Mitigate Threats Against Brocade SAN FOS with IBM QRadar
Published on 2 March 2022
11. Electronic Health Records with Epic and IBM FlashSystem 9500 Blueprint Version 2 Release 4
Published on 23 February 2022
12. IBM DB2 for z/OS: Configuring TLS/SSL for Secure Client/Server Communications
Published on 23 February 2022, last updated February-25-2022, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
13. Optimized Inferencing and Integration with AI on IBM Z Introduction, Methodology, and Use Cases
Published on 22 February 2022
14. Highly Efficient Data Access with RoCE on IBM Elastic Storage Systems and IBM Spectrum Scale
Published on 7 February 2022, last updated February-18-2022
15. Why IBM Hybrid Cloud for Your Journey to the Cloud?
Published on 3 February 2022
16. A Hybrid Cloud Cyber Security Solution using IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud on Azure and IBM Spectrum Virtualize Safeguarded Copy
Published on 31 January 2022
17. SAN and Fabric Resiliency Best Practices for IBM b-type Products
Published on 5 January 2022
18. Multi-Factor Authentication Using IBM Security Verfiy for IBM Spectrum Fusion
Published on 21 December 2021, Rating: (based on 2 reviews)
19. IBM Cloud Pak for Data with IBM Spectrum Scale Container Native
Published on 17 December 2021
20. Securing IBM Spectrum Scale with QRadar and IBM Cloud Pak for Security
Published on 17 December 2021, last updated December-20-2021
21. IBM Supply Chain Transformation
Published on 30 November 2021
22. Storage as a Service Offering Guide
Published on 29 October 2021, last updated November-16-2021, Rating: (based on 1 review)
23. IBM DS8000 and IBM Z Synergy DS8000: Release 9.2 and z/OS 2.5
Published on 28 October 2021
24. IBM Cloud Object Storage Concepts and Architecture
Published on 27 October 2021
25. IBM Power E1080 Technical Overview and Introduction
Published on 12 October 2021, last updated May-11-2022, Rating: (based on 1 review)
26. Fabric Resiliency and Best Practices for IBM c-type Products
Published on 1 October 2021
27. Cloud Backup Management with PowerHA SystemMirror
Published on 14 September 2021
28. Securing Data on Threat Detection by Using IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM QRadar: An Enhanced Cyber Resiliency Solution
Published on 13 September 2021
29. IBM DS8000 Encryption for Data at Rest, Transparent Cloud Tiering, and Endpoint Security (DS8000 Release 9.2)
Published on 8 September 2021
30. Integrating Db2 for z/OS Database Changes Into a CI/CD Pipeline
Published on 3 September 2021, last updated September-13-2021


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