About IBM Redbooks


The ITSO is most famous for its IBM Redbooks, Redpapers, and Web Docs, but it also produces training material with similar technical focus, content, and quality. The ITSO creates training materials for e-Learning, for the web, and for classroom use ... using the same residency process that produces Redbooks. Working closely with IBM Global Training Partners (GTP), the ITSO conducts classroom training around the world on many of the latest technical topics. These face-to-face technical classes, targeted to experienced field professionals and filled with breaking news about the just-released software and hardware, are termed "ITSO workshops."

The workshops run anywhere from one to five days, typically in major cities and education centers around the world. The workshops are aimed at highly-skilled, experienced professionals from IBM, independent solution developers, Business Partners, universities, and client companies. They often cover complex product configurations and integrations of IBM and other companies' software and hardware offerings. They usually contain hands-on exercises which reflect real-life situations, and sometimes have sample templates or code that the students can download and use at their places of work. Because the workshops are normally delivered by the book author who led the residency, they provide an opportunity for the student to meet a leading expert and ask in-depth questions.

ITSO workshops, side-by-side with IBM Redbooks, are a forty-year tradition in the offerings of the IBM Corporation. Workshops and Redbooks provide the same level of technical content, focus, timeliness, and value to the sophisticated technical professional. Clients value ITSO workshops highly, over the last two years rating them an 91 on a scale of 0-to-100. As one client wrote in her feedback "There aren't many places you can go to learn what the ITSO taught us. The information presented was invaluable and right on."

The cost to attend an ITSO workshop will vary depending on the class length and location. IBMers can enroll in most ITSO workshops using the IBM Training web site. Clients should carefully note the class code and search the IBM Global Training site.

Enrollment in certain workshops may be restricted and limited, depending on the content and available facilities. In some regions for certain workshops, enrollment must be done manually via email to the named "contact person" identified in the workshop information on our website. Due to technical content and course objectives, in fairness to other workshop participants, all prerequisites noted in the pre-class materials should be honestly observed.

The complete list of open, coming, and potential Workshops is available now. Open workshops are ones that are now accepting formal enrollments; coming workshops are ones that are not yet accepting enrollments but will soon be; potential workshops are ones that have been proposed for a date in the future, but are not yet fully definite and not yet positively committed to be conducted.

ITSO Redbooks Workshops may in some cases be suitable and available for 'in-house' client delivery. See "Workshops-to-Go" on the workshops page with an associated online form. Or interested persons may also initiate a discussion with an ITSO Manager for client training by expressing their request in an e-mail to redbooks@us.ibm.com.