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Enterprise Class Mobile Application Development: A Complete Lifecycle Approach for Producing Mobile Apps

by Leigh Williamson, Roland Barcia, Omkar Chandgadkar, Ashish Mathur, Soma Ray, Darell Schrag, Roger Snook, Jianjun Zhang
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Being Agile: Eleven Breakthrough Techniques to Keep You from "Waterfalling Backwards"

by Leslie Ekas, Scott Will
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Disciplined Agile Delivery: A Practitioner's Guide to Agile Software Delivery in the Enterprise

by Mark Ambler, Scott Lines
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Work Item Management with IBM Rational ClearQuest and Jazz

by Shmuel Bashan, David Bellagio.
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A Practical Guide to Distributed Scrum

by Elizabeth Woodward, Steffan Surdek, Matthew Ganis.
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Software Test Engineering with IBM Rational Functional Tester: The Definitive Resource

by Chip Davis, Daniel Chirillo, Daniel Gouveia, Fariz Saracevic, Jeffrey B. Bocarsley, Larry Quesada, Lee B. Thomas, Marc van Lint.
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Building Applications with IBM Rational Application Developer and JavaBeans

by Colette Burrus, Stephanie Parkin
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IBM Rational Unified Process Reference and Certification Guide: Solution Designer 

by Ahmad K. Shuja, Jochen Krebs.
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Requirements Management Using IBM® Rational RequisitePro

by Peter Zielczynski.
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Outside-in Software Development: A Practical Approach to Building Successful Stakeholder-based Products

by Carl Kessler), John Sweitzer
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Implementing the IBM Rational Unified Process and Solutions: A Guide to Improving Your Software Development Capability and Maturity

by Joshua Barnes
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Implementing IBM Rational ClearQuest: An End-to-End Deployment Guide

by Christian D. Buckley, Darren W. Pulsipher, Kendall Scott.
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Project Management with the IBM Rational Unified Process: Lessons From The Trenches

by R. Dennis Gibbs
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Visual Modeling with IBM Rational Software Architect and UML

by Terry Quatrani, Jim Palistrat
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IBM Rational ClearCase, Ant, and CruiseControl: The Java™ Developer's Guide to Accelerating and Automating the Build Process

by Kevin A. Lee
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Software Configuration Management Strategies and IBM Rational ClearCase: A Practical Introduction, 2nd Edition

by David E. Bellagio, Tom J. Milligan.

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