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Broker Software and Cloud Services with IBM Cloud Brokerage

Redguide, published 25 Oct 2016

Many enterprises are adopting hybrid cloud to accelerate innovation and to create new business models and revenue streams. They are modernizing their existing IT environment and taking advantage of newer, cost-efficient consumption models. However, as they adopt a hybrid cloud, they become increasingly aware of their reliance on multiple providers, and they struggle to maintain consistent management across the cloud and traditional IT platforms. At the same time, line of business (LOB) executives and users are aggressively pursuing cloud computing solutions (from a variety of suppliers), ... [more]

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Accelerating Law Enforcement Investigations with IBM COPLINK
Smarter Cities

Redguide, published 20 Jul 2016

IBM® COPLINK® (“COPLINK”) software is designed to help law enforcement organizations solve crimes faster, keep officers safer, and disrupt crime and terrorism. COPLINK helps to consolidate data from many sources, aid collaboration, and generate tactical leads. It enables law enforcement professionals to generate photo lineups, save their search history, and organize investigations to generate reports more easily. COPLINK also provides comprehensive auditing of data access. IBM COPLINK software helps law enforcement officers accomplish the following objectives:
- Discover ... [more]

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IBM Enterprise IT Automation Services: Dynamic Automation in the Age of Cognitive, Dynamic Learning and Self-healing Systems

Redguide, published 7 Jun 2016, last updated 29 Jun 2016

For decades, the IT industry has focused on ways to automate processes to increase IT productivity and efficiency and to reduce human errors. However, the focus is quickly shifting to enhance business productivity and outcomes and to provide innovation and faster speed to market. These improvements help to capture new markets and beat the competition in today’s business and technology race. Driving down cost and improving efficiency are key elements to achieve these goals because they help to free funds and resources to make strategic investments. Likewise, making sure that IT staff is ... [more]

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IBM PureData System for Analytics Architecture: A Platform for High Performance Data Warehousing and Analytics

Redguide, published 12 Nov 2014, last updated 8 Feb 2016

Success in any enterprise depends on having the best available information in time to make sound decisions. Anything less can waste opportunities, cost time and resources, and even put the organization at risk. But finding crucial information to guide the best possible actions can mean analyzing billions of data points and petabytes of data, whether to predict an outcome, identify a trend, or chart the best course through a sea of ambiguity. Companies with this type of intelligence on demand can react faster and make better decisions than their competitors. Continuing innovations in ... [more]

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Industrial Controls Security

Redguide, published 30 Dec 2015, last updated 6 Jan 2016

As cybersecurity threats evolve, we must adapt the way to fight them. The typical countermeasures are no longer adequate, given that advanced persistent threats (APTs) are the most imminent attacks that we face today. This IBM® Redguide™ publication explains why industrial installations are an attractive target and why it is so important to protect them in a new way. To help you better understand what you might be facing, we explain how attacks work, who the potential attackers are, what they want to achieve, and how they work to achieve it. We give you insights into a world that seems like ... [more]

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The above is a list of IBM Redguides on IT Business Perspectives, showing most recently published first. IBM Redguides focus on the business view of technology that solves business issues, provides business value, or enables competitive advantage by applying existing technologies or exploring a roadmap for emerging technologies. These publications are available in Adobe PDF format and may be viewed on-line or downloaded for off-line viewing and printing.

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