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IBM Spectrum Virtualize: Hot Spare Node and NPIV target ports
Software Defined Storage

Draft Redpaper, last updated 12 Dec 2017

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes the use of the IBM Spectrum™ Virtualize Hot Spare Node function to provide a high availability storage infrastructure. This paper focuses on the functional behavior of Hot Spare Node when subjected to various failure conditions. This paper does not provide the details necessary to implement the reference architectures (although some implementation detail is provided).

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DS8880 High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2
Flash storage

Product Guide, published 31 Oct 2017, last updated 1 Dec 2017

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes the High-Performance Enclosure (HPFE) Gen2 architecture and configuration. The DS8880 HPFE Gen2 is a 2U Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) flash enclosure with associated Flash RAID adapters that can be used exclusively with DS8880 models. The flash enclosure and Flash RAID adapters are installed in pairs. Each storage enclosure pair can support 16, 32, or 48 encryption-capable flash drives (2.5-inch, 63.5 mm form ... [more]

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IBM DS8000 EasyTier (for DS8880 R8.3 or later)
Disk storage

Redpaper, published 14 Nov 2017, last updated 30 Nov 2017

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes the concepts and functions of IBM System Storage® Easy Tier® and explains its practical use with the IBM DS8800 series and License Machine Code 8.8.30.xx.xx, or later. Easy Tier is designed to automate data placement throughout the storage system disks pool. It enables the system to (automatically and without disruption to applications) relocate data (at the extent level) across up to three drive tiers. The process is fully automated. Easy Tier also automatically rebalances extents among ranks within the same tier, removing workload skew between ... [more]

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IBM DS8880 Architecture and Implementation (Release 8.3)
Disk storage

Redbooks, published 28 Nov 2017

This IBM® Redbooks® publication describes the concepts, architecture, and implementation of the IBM DS8880 family. The book provides reference information to assist readers who need to plan for, install, and configure the DS8880 systems. The IBM DS8000® family is a high-performance, high-capacity, highly secure, and resilient series of disk storage systems. The DS8880 family is the latest and most advanced of the DS8000 offerings to date. The high availability, multiplatform support, including IBM Z, and simplified management tools help provide a cost-effective path to an on-demand and ... [more]

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IBM Storwize V7000, Spectrum Virtualize, HyperSwap, and VMware Implementation
Disk storage

Redbooks, published 20 Nov 2015, last updated 27 Nov 2017

IBM® Spectrum Virtualize Software Version 7.8 provides software-defined storage capabilities across various platforms, including IBM SAN Volume Controller, IBM Storwize® V7000, Storwize V7000 (Unified), Storwize V5000, Storwize V3700, and Storwize V3500. These offerings help clients reduce the complexities and cost of managing their storage in the following ways:
- Centralizing management of storage volumes to enable administrators to manage storage volumes from a single point
- Improving utilization of storage capacity with virtual volumes to enable businesses to tap into ... [more]

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