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IBM Operational Decision Manager: Enabling the Rule Engine to Augment the Decision Data
Smarter Process

Redpaper, published 18 Mar 2016

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM), which is a set of tooling and interfaces that provides an architecture that can encapsulate your decision logic away from program code into rules. These rules are rendered as natural language. Decisions are now more agile, adaptable to change, and visible to those who need them. This Redpaper publication describes a means to use additional data with your rules.

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Systems of Insight for Digital Transformation: Using IBM Operational Decision Manager Advanced and Predictive Analytics
Smarter Process

Redbooks, published 3 Dec 2015

Systems of record (SORs) are engines that generates value for your business. Systems of engagement (SOE) are always evolving and generating new customer-centric experiences and new opportunities to capitalize on the value in the systems of record. The highest value is gained when systems of record and systems of engagement are brought together to deliver insight. Systems of insight (SOI) monitor and analyze what is going on with various behaviors in the systems of engagement and information being stored or transacted in the systems of record. SOIs seek new opportunities, risks, and ... [more]

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Systems of Insight Overview
Smarter Process

Solution Guide, published 17 Nov 2015

Decision making is a critical function in any enterprise. The decision-making process that is enhanced by analytics can be described as consuming and collecting data, detecting relationships and patterns, applying sophisticated analysis techniques, reporting, and automation of the follow-on action. The IT system that supports decision making is composed of the traditional "systems of record", “systems of engagement”, and the “systems of insight”. This IBM® Redbooks® Solution Guide introduces the concept of systems of insight based on what is detailed in the IBM Redbooks publication ... [more]

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Flexible Decision Management with Business Rules on IBM z Systems
Smarter Process

Redbooks, published 26 Jun 2015

The IBM® Operational Decision Manager product family provides value to organizations that want to improve the responsiveness and precision of automated decisions. This decision management platform on IBM z/OS® provides comprehensive automation and governance of operational decisions that are made within mainframe applications. These decisions can be shared with other cross-platform applications, providing true enterprise decision management. This IBM Redbooks® publication makes the case for using Operational Decision Manager for z/OS and provides an overview of its components. It is aimed at ... [more]

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Business Process Management Design Guide: Using IBM Business Process Manager
Smarter Process

Redbooks, published 27 Apr 2015

IBM® Business Process Manager (IBM BPM) is a comprehensive business process management (BPM) suite that provides visibility and management of your business processes. IBM BPM supports the whole BPM lifecycle approach:
- Discover and document
- Plan
- Implement
- Deploy
- Manage
- Optimize
Process owners and business owners can use this solution to engage directly in the improvement of their business processes. IBM BPM excels in integrating role-based process design, and provides a social BPM experience. It enables asset sharing and creating versions ... [more]

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