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Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z Installation Guide
Red Hat

Redpaper, published 29 Sep 2020, last updated 16 Oct 2020

This IBM® Redpaper publication provides all the necessary steps to successfully install Red Hat OpenShift 4.4 on IBM Z® or LinuxONE servers. It also provides an introduction to OpenShift nodes, Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS, and Ansible. The steps that are described in this paper are taken from the official pages of the Red Hat website. This IBM Redpaper publication was written for IT architects, IT specialists, and others who are interested in installing Red Hat OpenShift on IBM ... [more]

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Red Hat OpenShift V4.3 on IBM Power Systems Reference Guide
Power Systems

Redpaper, published 10 Sep 2020

This IBM® Redpaper publication describes how to deploy Red Hat OpenShift V4.3 on IBM Power Systems servers. This book presents reference architectures for deployment, initial sizing guidelines for server, storage, and IBM Cloud® Paks. Moreover, this publication delivers information about initial supported Power System configurations for Red Hat OpenShift V4.3 deployment (bare metal, IBM PowerVM® LE LPARs, and others). This book serves as a guide for how to deploy Red Hat OpenShift V4.3 and provide start guidelines and recommended practices for implementing it on Power Systems and completing ... [more]

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IBM PowerHA SystemMirror V7.2.3 for IBM AIX and V7.22 for Linux
Power Systems

Redbooks, published 16 Sep 2019, last updated 16 Apr 2020

This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps strengthen the position of the IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for Linux solution with well-defined and documented deployment models within an IBM Power Systems™ environment, which provides customers a planned foundation for business resilience and disaster recovery (DR) for their IBM Power Systems infrastructure solutions. This book addresses topics to help answer customers' complex high availability (HA) and DR requirements for IBM AIX® and Linux on IBM Power Systems servers to help maximize system availability and resources and provide technical ... [more]

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Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks on IBM Power Systems: Volume 1
Red Hat

Redbooks, published 2 Mar 2020, last updated 12 Mar 2020

This IBM® Redbooks® publication educates and prepares the readers to understand and enter the multicloud era. This book describes a journey to the following aspects of multicloud and associated context of application modernization:
- Introduction to the rationale and methodology of this publication
- Concepts and terminology
- Why move to the cloud?
- Introduction to containers and orchestration with Kubernetes
- Introduction to OpenShift on Power Systems
- Why IBM? Why IBM Power Systems?
- Reference architecture for Red Hat OpenShift on Power Systems ... [more]

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SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems: High Availability and Disaster Recovery Implementation Updates
Power Systems

Redbooks, published 16 Jul 2019

This IBM® Redbooks® publication updates Implementing High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, REDP-5443 with the latest technical content that describes how to implement an SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems™ high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) solution by using theoretical knowledge and sample scenarios. This book describes how all the pieces of the reference architecture work together (IBM Power Systems servers, IBM Storage servers, IBM Spectrum™ Scale, IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for Linux, IBM VM Recovery Manager DR for Power ... [more]

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IBM High-Performance Computing Insights with IBM Power System AC922 Clustered Solution
Power Systems

Redbooks, published 2 May 2019

This IBM® Redbooks® publication documents and addresses topics to set up a complete infrastructure environment and tune the applications to use an IBM POWER9™ hardware architecture with the technical computing software stack. This publication is driven by a CORAL project solution. It explores, tests, and documents how to implement an IBM High-Performance Computing (HPC) solution on a POWER9 processor-based system by using IBM technical innovations to help solve challenging scientific, technical, and business problems. This book documents the HPC clustering solution with InfiniBand on IBM ... [more]


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