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Walmart and the CICS Asynchronous API: An Adoption Experience
Application Integration

Redbooks, published 1 Mar 2019, last updated 3 Mar 2019

This IBM® Redbooks® publication discusses practical uses of the IBM CICS asynchronous API capability. It describes the methodology, design and thought process used by a large client, Walmart, and the considerations of the choices made. The Redbooks publication provides real life examples and application patterns that benefit from the performance and scalability offered by the new API. The book discusses the homegrown methodology used by Walmart before the API was available and compares it with the design using the new API. A discussion of the process used to migrate older applications to ... [more]

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IBM CICS Performance Series: CICS TS for z/OS V5 Performance Report
Application Integration

Redbooks, published 15 Mar 2018, last updated 27 Aug 2018

This IBM Redbooks® publication gives a broad understanding of several important concepts that are used when describing IBM CICS Transaction Server (TS) for IBM z/OS (CICS TS) performance. This publication also describes many of the significant performance improvements that can be realized by upgrading your environment to the most recent release of CICS TS. This book targets the following audience:
- Systems Architects wanting to understand the performance characteristics and capabilities of a specific CICS TS release.
- Capacity Planners and Performance Analysts wanting to ... [more]

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IBM Z Integration Guide for the Hybrid Cloud and API Economy

Redpaper, published 27 Jul 2018

Today, organizations are responding to market demands and regulatory requirements faster than ever by extending their applications and data to new digital applications. This drive to deliver new functions at speed has paved the way for a huge growth in cloud and microservices applications, such as those hosted in IBM® Cloud. One of the most widely adopted ways to integrate cloud applications with enterprise application logic and business data is the use of application programming interfaces (APIs). By extending enterprise applications to form a hybrid cloud environment, you can capitalize on ... [more]

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Who Knew You Could Do That with RPG IV? Modern RPG for the Modern Programmer
Power Systems

Redbooks, published 5 Dec 2016, last updated 1 May 2018

Application development is a key part of IBM® i businesses. The IBM i operating system is a modern, robust platform to create and develop applications. The RPG language has been around for a long time, but is still being transformed into a modern business language. This IBM Redbooks® publication is focused on helping the IBM i development community understand the modern RPG language. The world of application development has been rapidly changing over the past years. The good news is that IBM i has been changing right along with it, and has made significant changes to the RPG language. This ... [more]

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Liberty in IBM CICS: Deploying and Managing Java EE Applications
Application Platform

Redbooks, published 18 Jan 2018, last updated 29 Mar 2018

This IBM® Redbooks® publication is intended for IBM CICS® system programmers and IBM Z architects. It describes how to deploy and manage Java EE 7 web-based applications in an IBM CICS Liberty JVM server and access data on IBM Db2® for IBM z/OS® and IBM MQ for z/OS sub systems. In this book, we describe the key steps to create and install a Liberty JVM server within a CICS region. We then describe how to best use the different deployment techniques for Java EE applications and the specific considerations when deploying applications that use JDBC, JMS, and the new CICS link to Liberty API. ... [more]


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