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IBM DS8900F Architecture and Implementation
Disk storage

Draft Redbooks, last updated 27 Jan 2020

This IBM® Redbooks® describes the concepts, architecture, and implementation of the IBM DS8900F family. The book provides reference information to assist readers who need to plan for, install, and configure the DS8900F systems. This edition applies to DS8900F running microcode Release 9.0 (Bundle 89.0 / Licensed Machine Code The IBM DS8900F family offers two new classes: - DS8910F: Flexibility Class all-flash The flexibility class delivers significant performance improvements as compared to the previous IBM DS8880F generation - DS8950F: Agility Class all-flash The agility class ... [more]

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IBM DS8000 Encryption for data at rest, Transparent Cloud Tiering, and Endpoint Security (DS8000 Release 9.0)
Flash storage

Redpaper, published 27 Jan 2020

IBM® experts recognize the need for data protection, both from hardware or software failures, and from physical relocation of hardware, theft, and retasking of existing hardware. The IBM DS8000® supports encryption-capable hard disk drives (HDDs) and flash drives. These Full Disk Encryption (FDE) drive sets are used with key management services that are provided by IBM Security Key Lifecycle Manager software or Gemalto SafeNet KeySecure to allow encryption for data at rest. Use of encryption technology involves several considerations that are critical for you to understand to maintain the ... [more]

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IBM DS8900F Product Guide
Disk storage

Product Guide, published 16 Jan 2020

Built on over 50 years of Enterprise storage expertise, the IBM® DS8000® series is the flagship of disk storage systems within the IBM System Storage™ portfolio. As of September 2019, the DS8900F is the latest addition and offers two new classes:
- DS8910F: Flexibility Class all-flash
- DS8950F: Agility Class all-flash
The agility class is efficiently designed to consolidate all your mission-critical workloads for IBM Z®, IBM LinuxONE, IBM Power Systems, and distributed environments under a single all-flash storage solution. This IBM Redbooks® Product Guide gives an ... [more]

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IBM DS8000 High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2 (DS8000 R9.0)
Disk storage

Redpaper, published 20 Dec 2019

This IBM® Redpaper™ publication describes the IBM DS8880 High-Performance Enclosure (HPFE) Gen2 architecture and configuration, as of DS8900 Release 9.0. The IBM® DS8000® High-Performance Flash Enclosure Gen2 (HPFE Gen2) is a 2U storage enclosure that is installed in pairs in DS8900F and DS8880 models. The flash enclosure and Flash RAID adapters are installed in pairs. Each storage enclosure pair can support 16, 32, or 48 encryption-capable flash drives (2.5-inch, 63.5 mm form ... [more]

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DS8000 4-Site Replication with IBM Copy Services Manager
Storage Solutions

Draft Redpaper, last updated 16 Dec 2019

This IBM® Redpaper publication will help you design and implement a 4-site replication solution for DS8000® environments. IBM Copy Services Manager is used to orchestrate the data replication as well a failover and failback mechanisms between the different sites. The IBM DS8000 Copy Services functions are the foundation of this 4-site replication soution. The four sites are comprised of two pairs of sites . Within each pair, the two sites are at metro distance, while the pairs connect at long distance. over asynchronous links. The solution is based on a Multi-Target PPRC topology consisting ... [more]


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