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Sharing Box Content in IBM Content Navigator
Enterprise Content Management

Web Doc, published 8 Nov 2017

Collaboration is a popular approach to delivering global solutions. If Box Share is enabled, you can select a document to share, and IBM® Content Navigator creates a link to the specific version of the document. You can send the link to other people if you specify one or more email addresses. Anyone with the link can access the document. This IBM Redbooks Analytics Web Doc provides information on how to successfully enable and configure Box Share in IBM Content ... [more]

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Zero to Cognitive

Course, published 27 Sep 2017

This video series lets anyone get started easily with IBM Bluemix and the IBM Watson services, developed and presented by IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO Bob Dill. This twelve part video series lets you learn how to build cognitive applications using the IBM Bluemix Cloud.

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IBM Db2 12 for z/OS Performance Topics
Data Management

Redbooks, published 19 Sep 2017

Db2 12 for IBM z/OS® delivers several significant business values, such as cost reductions, scalability improvement, and improved application enablement for cloud and mobile environment. Db2 12 also introduces a foundation of continuous delivery. In continuous delivery, new capabilities and enhancements, including performance features, are delivered through function levels without waiting for a new release. Function levels 100 and 500 activate the initial set of enhancements and capabilities in Db2 12. For migration from Db2 11, most new capabilities become available in Db2 12 only after the ... [more]

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Governing Operational Decisions in an Enterprise Scalable Way

Redbooks, published 2 Aug 2017

This IBM® Redbooks® publication introduces operational decision governance and describes in detail how to implement it using the IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) platform. ODM allows businesses to automate and manage day-to-day operational decisions. It provides an integrated repository and management components for line-of-business, subject-matter experts to directly participate in the definition and governance of rules-based decision logic, organized in decision services. Governance of changes to decision services is of particular importance and value. This book describes how ... [more]

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Setting Up IBM Data Server Manager as a Highly Available Service

Web Doc, published 11 Jul 2017

This IBM® Redbooks® web doc describes how to build, configure, and deploy IBM Data Server Manager as a high availability (HA) service on a Linux system. Data Server Manager runs on an HA cluster that includes one master node and one backup node. If Data Server Manager stops running on one of the nodes, the other instance of Data Server Manager starts to ensure that the Data Server Manager service is always available. Critical configuration and user data for Data Server Manager are continuously synchronized between the two Data Server Manager nodes. This web doc guides you through building a ... [more]

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