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IBM Integrated Synchronization - Incremental Updates Unleashed

Draft Redpaper, last updated 14 Dec 2020

This Redpaper is provides detailed information on the configuration options that are available to set up IBM Integrated Synchronization to perform incremental updates between Db2 for z/OS and IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator. This information should help to find the best implementation for a given set of requirements, mainly regarding availability and direction of workload. Since multiple z/OS system components are involved in this setup, this paper is not able to cover all of them from the ground up. Instead this paper contains references to useful documentation that describes these components ... [more]

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IBM Storage Solutions for SAS Analytics using IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM Elastic Storage System 3000 Version 1 Release 1

Redpaper, published 6 Oct 2020

This IBM® Redpaper® publication is a blueprint for configuration, testing results, and tuning guidelines for running SAS workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux that use IBM Spectrum® Scale and IBM Elastic Storage® System (ESS) 3000. IBM lab validation was conducted with the Red Hat Linux nodes running with the SAS simulator scripts that are connected to the IBM Spectrum Scale and IBM ESS 3000. Simultaneous workloads are simulated across multiple x-86 nodes running with Red Hat Linux to determine scalability against the IBM Spectrum Scale clustered file system and ESS 3000 array. This paper ... [more]

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IBM DB2 12 for z/OS Technical Overview
Data Management

Redbooks, published 13 Dec 2016, last updated 3 Jul 2019

IBM® DB2® 12 for z/OS® delivers key innovations that increase availability, reliability, scalability, and security for your business-critical information. In addition, DB2 12 for z/OS offers performance and functional improvements for both transactional and analytical workloads and makes installation and migration simpler and faster. DB2 12 for z/OS also allows you to develop applications for the cloud and mobile devices by providing self-provisioning, multitenancy, and self-managing capabilities in an agile development environment. DB2 12 for z/OS is also the first version of DB2 built for ... [more]

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The Journey Continues: From Data Lake to Data-Driven Organization

Redguide, published 19 Feb 2018

This IBM Redguide™ publication looks back on the key decisions that made the data lake successful and looks forward to the future. It proposes that the metadata management and governance approaches developed for the data lake can be adopted more broadly to increase the value that an organization gets from its data. Delivering this broader vision, however, requires a new generation of data catalogs and governance tools built on open standards that are adopted by a multi-vendor ecosystem of data platforms and tools. Work is already underway to define and deliver this capability, and there are ... [more]

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Managing IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator by using IBM Data Server Manager

Web Doc, published 4 Dec 2017, last updated 11 Dec 2017

IBM® Data Server Manager is a web-based, integrated database management tools platform that manages IBM Db2® and IBM Db2 for z/OS® databases. With IBM Data Server Manager, you can manage and administer IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator (Accelerator). This IBM Redbooks® Analytics Support web document describes the various functions that are available in Data Server Manager to manage the Accelerator server. This document is targeted at database administrators who work with IBM Db2 Analytics Accelerator. It applies to IBM Data Server Manager Version 2.1.5 and ... [more]


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