SONAS V1.4 Best Practices

A draft IBM Redbooks publication


As SONAS is adopted it is important to provide planning, installation and daily administration and tuning Best Practices information gained by those who implement and support SONAS.This IBM Redbooks publication documents these Best Practices available for the SONAS appliance based on real hands-on experience. Monitoring of the SONAS appliance will be included.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides an overview of the IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage (IBM SONAS) features and function at the 1.4 level. This book is the companion to the IBM Redbooks publications, SONAS Concepts, Architecture and Planning Guide, SG24-7963 and SONAS Implementation Guide, SG24-7962.

This book publication is intended for those who have implemented SONAS and are responsible for daily administration and monitoring of the SONAS appliance.

Table of contents

Part 1. Planning information
Chapter 1. Planning best practices
Part 2. SONAS configuration
Chapter 2. Authentication best practices
Chapter 3. Networking best practices
Chapter 4. Storage configuration
Chapter 5. Filesystem configuration
Chapter 6. Shares, Exports and Protocol configuration
Chapter 7. Data Protection best practices
Chapter 8. Active Cloud Engine best practices
Part 3. Monitoring and troubleshooting
Chapter 9. Monitoring best practices
Chapter 10. Troubleshooting and suppport
Appendix A. Network monitoring


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05 November 2013

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