Implementation Guide for IBM Elastic Storage System 3000

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 08 April 2020, updated 28 June 2021

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ISBN-10: 0738458635
ISBN-13: 9780738458632
IBM Form #: SG24-8443-00
(95 pages)

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Authors: Brian Herr, Chiahong Chen, Farida Yaragatti, John Lewars, Jonathan Terner, Luis Bolinches, Olaf Weiser, Puneet Chaudhary, Ravindra Sure, Robert Guthrie, Stefan Roth, Todd M Tosseth, Vasfi Gucer, Wesley Jones


This IBM® Redbooks publication introduces and describes the IBM Elastic Storage® Server 3000 (ESS 3000) as a scalable, high-performance data and file management solution. The solution is built on proven IBM Spectrum® Scale technology, formerly IBM General Parallel File System (IBM GPFS).

IBM Elastic Storage System 3000 is an all-Flash array platform. This storage platform uses NVMe-attached drives in ESS 3000 to provide significant performance improvements as compared to SAS-attached flash drives. This book provides a technical overview of the ESS 3000 solution and helps you to plan the installation of the environment. We also explain the use cases where we believe it fits best. Our goal is to position this book as the starting point document for customers that would use ESS 3000 as part of their IBM Spectrum Scale setups.

This book is targeted toward technical professionals (consultants, technical support staff, IT Architects, and IT Specialists) who are responsible for delivering cost-effective storage solutions with ESS 3000.

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