IBM System Storage DS8000 Performance Monitoring and Tuning

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 07 April 2016

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ISBN-10: 073844149X
ISBN-13: 9780738441498
IBM Form #: SG24-8318-00
(582 pages)

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Authors: Axel Westphal, Bert Dufrasne, Wilhelm Gardt, Jana Jamsek, Peter Kimmel, Flavio Morais, Paulus Usong, Alexander Warmuth, Kenta Yuge


This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides guidance about how to configure, monitor, and manage your IBM DS8880 storage systems to achieve optimum performance, and it also covers the IBM DS8870 storage system. It describes the DS8880 performance features and characteristics, including hardware-related performance features, synergy items for certain operating systems, and other functions, such as IBM Easy Tier® and the DS8000® I/O Priority Manager.

The book also describes specific performance considerations that apply to particular host environments, including database applications.

This book also outlines the various tools that are available for monitoring and measuring I/O performance for different server environments, and it describes how to monitor the performance of the entire DS8000 storage system.

This book is intended for individuals who want to maximize the performance of their DS8880 and DS8870 storage systems and investigate the planning and monitoring tools that are available. The IBM DS8880 storage system features, as described in this book, are available for the DS8880 model family with R8.0 release bundles (Licensed Machine Code (LMC) level 7.8.0).

Table of contents

Part 1. IBM System Storage DS8000 performance considerations
Chapter 1. IBM System Storage DS8880 family characteristics
Chapter 2. Hardware configuration
Chapter 3. Logical configuration concepts and terminology
Chapter 4. Logical configuration performance considerations
Part 2. IBM System Storage DS8000 performance management
Chapter 5. Understanding your workload
Chapter 6. Performance planning tools
Chapter 7. Practical performance management
Part 3. Performance considerations for host systems and databases
Chapter 8. Host attachment
Chapter 9. Performance considerations for UNIX servers
Chapter 10. Performance considerations for Microsoft Windows servers
Chapter 11. Performance considerations for VMware
Chapter 12. Performance considerations for Linux
Chapter 13. Performance considerations for the IBM i system
Chapter 14. Performance considerations for IBM z Systems servers
Chapter 15. IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller attachment
Chapter 16. IBM ProtecTIER data deduplication
Chapter 17. Databases for open performance
Chapter 18. Database for IBM z/OS performance
Appendix A. Performance management process
Appendix B. Benchmarking

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