IBM System Storage DS5000 Series Hardware Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 10 January 2013

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ISBN-10: 0738437573
ISBN-13: 9780738437576
IBM Form #: SG24-8023-00
(570 pages)

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Authors: Sangam Racherla, Matus Butora, Antonio Dell'Apa, Mario Ganem, Corne Lottering, Libor Miklas, Hrvoje Stanilovic, Alexander Watson


This IBM® Redbooks® publication consolidates, in one document, detailed descriptions of the hardware configurations and options offered as part of the IBM System Storage DS5000 families of products.

This edition covers updates and additional functions available with the IBM System Storage DS® Storage Manager Version 10.77 (firmware level 7.77). This book presents the concepts and functions used in planning and managing the storage servers, such as multipathing and path failover. The book offers a step-by-step guide to using the Storage Manager to create arrays, logical drives, and other basic (as well as advanced) management tasks.

This publication also contains practical information about diagnostics and troubleshooting, and includes practical examples of how to use scripts and the command-line interface.

This publication is intended for customers, IBM Business Partners, and IBM technical professionals who want to learn more about the capabilities and advanced functions of the DS5000 series of storage servers with Storage Manager Software V10.77. It also targets those who have a DS5000 storage subsystem and need detailed advice about how to configure it.

This book is designed specifically to address the hardware features and configuration of the IBM System Storage DS5000 family and can be used in conjunction with the following IBM Redbooks publications:

IBM System Storage DS5000 Series Implementation and Best Practices Guide, SG24-8024
IBM System Storage DS Storage Manager Copy Services Guide, SG24-7822

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM System Storage DS5000 series
Chapter 2. IBM System Storage DS5000 hardware
Chapter 3. DS5000 storage subsystem configuration
Chapter 4. Full Disk Encryption with Full Disk Encryption drives
Chapter 5. Advanced maintenance, troubleshooting, and diagnostics
Chapter 6. IBM Remote Support Manager for Storage
Chapter 7. Command-line interface and Script Editor
Appendix A. Deploying iSCSI with the IBM System Storage DS5000 series
Appendix B. Solid State Drives on the IBM System Storage DS5000 series

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