Getting Started with the Feature Pack for OSGi Applications and JPA 2.0

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 02 December 2010

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ISBN-10: 0738434965
ISBN-13: 9780738434964
IBM Form #: SG24-7911-00
(296 pages)

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Authors: Carla Sadtler, Daniel Haischt, Philipp Huber, Valentin Mahrwald


This IBM® Redbooks® publication introduces OSGi applications and Java™ Persistence API (JPA) 2.0 technology and describes their implementation in the Feature Pack for OSGi Applications and JPA 2.0 for WebSphere Application Server 7.0.

The book will help you understand the position of these new technologies as well as how to use them for Java enterprise development in a WebSphere Application Server environment. Though synergetic, both technologies can be used in isolation.

This publication is structured to appeal to administrators, application developers, and all those individuals using the technologies together or independently.

The book is split into two parts. Part 1, "Architecture and overview" on page 1 introduces OSGi applications and JPA 2.0 and describes how to set up a development and test environment. Part 2, "Examples" on page 55 uses examples to illustrate how to exploit the features of OSGi applications and JPA 2.0.

Table of contents

Part 1. Architecture and overview
Chapter 1. Introduction to the feature pack
Chapter 2. Introduction to OSGi and OSGi applications
Chapter 3. Introduction to the Java Persistence API 2.0
Part 2. Examples
Chapter 4. Sample application
Chapter 5. Developing OSGi applications
Chapter 6. OSGi applications and managing change
Chapter 7. Connecting OSGi applications
Chapter 8. Java Persistence API Criteria API
Chapter 9. Java Persistence API Bean Validation
Appendix A. Additional material

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