Implementing Content Manager OnDemand Solutions with Case Studies

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Published 28 December 2007, updated 23 May 2012

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ISBN-10: 0738485551
ISBN-13: 9780738485553
IBM Form #: SG24-7511-00
(370 pages)

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Authors: Wei-Dong Zhu, Carol Allen, Terry Brown, James Ilardi, Dewey Jackson, Hassan A Shazly, Edward E Stonesifer, Vanessa T Stonesifer


This IBM Redbooks publication will help you implement an IBM Content Manager OnDemand solution from the beginning to the end. We discuss the various stages of the Content Manager OnDemand solution implementation, including planning, software installation and configuration, design, application setup and verification, functional testing, performance testing, training, and finally deployment into production.

The book is intended to provide end-to-end implementation guidelines to audiences who already have general Content Manager OnDemand product knowledge. To really help you understand the implementation process, we provide case studies drawn from real-life implementations. We cover all platforms of the Content Manager OnDemand products, which include Multiplatforms, i5/OS, and z/OS.

Table of contents

Part 1. Implementation guidelines
Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Content Manager OnDemand
Chapter 2. Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms implementation guidelines
Chapter 3. Content Manager OnDemand for i5/OS implementation guidelines
Chapter 4. Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS implementation guidelines
Part 2. Case studies
Chapter 5. Case studies for multiplatforms
Chapter 6. Case studies for System i
Chapter 7. Case studies for z/OS
Appendix A. Additional material

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