Implementing PowerHA for IBM i

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Published 25 November 2008, updated 18 February 2010

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ISBN-10: 0738431982
ISBN-13: 9780738431987
IBM Form #: SG24-7405-00
(422 pages)

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Authors: Hernando Bedoya, Monti Abrahams, Jose Goncalves, Jana Jamsek, Sabine Jordan, Kent Kingsley, Vivian Kirkpatrick, Dave Martin, Chris Place, Roberta Placido, Larry Youngren, Jim Denton, Kolby Hoelzle, Paul Swenson, Fred Robinson


IBM® PowerHA™ for i (formerly known as HASM) is the IBM high availability disk-based clustering solution for the IBM i 6.1 operating system. PowerHA for i when combined with IBM i clustering technology delivers a complete high availability and disaster recovery solution for your business applications running in the IBM System i® environment. PowerHA for i enables you to support high-availability capabilities with either native disk storage or IBM DS8000™ or DS6000™ storage servers.

This IBM Redbooks® publication gives a broad understanding of PowerHA for i. This book is divided in four major parts:

* Part 1, "Introduction and Background" on page 1, provides a general introduction to clustering technology and some background.

* Part 2, "PowerHA for i setup and user interfaces" on page 69, describes and explains the different interfaces that PowerHA for i has. It also describes the migration process to this product and some sizing guidelines.

* Part 3, "Implementation examples using PowerHA for i" on page 319, explains how to use PowerHA for i with three major ERP solutions, such as SAP®, Lawson M3, and Oracle® JD Edwards®.

* Part 4, "Other IBM i 6.1 high availability enhancements" on page 349, explains additional IBM i 6.1 announced enhancements in high availability.

Table of contents

Part 1. Introduction and Background
Chapter 1. Introduction: PowerHA for i
Chapter 2. High-availability building blocks
Chapter 3. Introducing PowerHA for i
Chapter 4. High-availability technologies
Part 2. PowerHA for i setup and user interfaces
Chapter 5. Getting started: PowerHA for i
Chapter 6. High Availability Solutions Manager GUI
Chapter 7. Cluster Resource Services graphical user interface
Chapter 8. Commands
Chapter 9. Migration
Chapter 10. Sizing considerations for geographic mirroring
Part 3. Implementation examples using PowerHA for i
Chapter 11. Implementing Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne high availability using PowerHA for i
Chapter 12. Implementing Lawson M3 Business Engine high availability using PowerHA for i
Chapter 13. Implementing SAP application high availability using PowerHA for i
Part 4. Other IBM i 6.1 high availability enhancements
Chapter 14. Environment resilience
Chapter 15. Journal-driven data resilience: What is new

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