IMS Performance and Tuning Guide

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 18 December 2006

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ISBN-10: 0738494615
ISBN-13: 9780738494616
IBM Form #: SG24-7324-00
(272 pages)

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Authors: Jouko Jantti, David Matthews, Jayesh Prag, Dave Viguers, Yuan Yi, Pete Ziegenfelder


This IBM Redbooks publication provides IMS performance monitoring and tuning information. This book differs from previous IMS performance and tuning IBM Redbooks in that there is less emphasis on the internal workings of IMS and more information about why and how certain options can affect the performance of IMS.

Most of the information in the previous book IMS Version 7 Performance Monitoring and Tuning Update, SG24-6404, is still valid, and in most cases, continues to be valid in any future versions of IMS. This book is not an update or rewrite but instead attempts to be more of a guide than a reference. As such, the team gathered experiences and data from actual production environments as well as from IBM benchmarks and solicited input from experts in as many areas as possible.

You should be able to find valuable new information and perhaps validate things you might have questioned. Hardware and software characteristics are constantly changing, but hopefully the information that you find here provides a basis to help you react to change and to keep your IMS running efficiently.

In this book, we introduce methods and tools for monitoring and tuning IMS systems, and in addition to IMS TM and DB system-wide performance considerations, we dedicate separate chapters for application considerations, IMS and DB2 interoperability, the Parallel Sysplex environment, and On Demand considerations.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Defining the performance problem in an IMS environment
Chapter 2. Monitoring methodology
Chapter 3. Monitoring tools
Chapter 4. IMS and Workload Manager
Chapter 5. Database performance
Chapter 6. Transaction manager performance
Chapter 7. Performance considerations for DBCTL
Chapter 8. System considerations
Chapter 9. Application considerations
Chapter 10. Performance considerations with DB2
Chapter 11. IMS Parallel Sysplex considerations
Chapter 12. IMS On Demand performance
Appendix A. Guidelines and recommendations
Appendix B. Coding examples

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