Using Domino Workflow

An IBM Redbooks publication

Published 26 May 2000

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ISBN-10: 0738417246
ISBN-13: 9780738417240
IBM Form #: SG24-5963-00
(332 pages)

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Authors: Soren Peter Nielsen, Carol Easthope, Pieter Gosselink, Karl Gutsze, Janno Roele


In this book we describe how to support your business processes with Domino Workflow. We do this with an example scenario, to which we add enhancements and variations throughout the book. First, we describe, step by step, a full implementation of a simple process using the built-in Domino Workflow functionality. Next, we show how to enable our application for Web access, before walking through a case study where we enable an existing Domino application with Domino Workflow. In the latter part of the book we discuss topics like customization, advanced techniques, the organization directory, and integration with other systems.
The examples used in this book are available on the IBM Redbooks Web site.
This IBM Redbooks publication is written for Domino Workflow solution designers and programmers, customers, Business Partners, and other members of the IBM and Lotus community who need a good technical understanding of how to use Domino Workflow.

Table of contents

Chapter 1 Workflow
Chapter 2 Domino Workflow architecture
Chapter 3 Installation and basic setup of Domino Workflow
Chapter 4 Defining your first process
Chapter 5 Accessing Domino Workflow from Web clients
Chapter 6 Introducing Domino Workflow in an existing application
Chapter 7 A closer look at Domino Workflow: Process design and implementation
Chapter 8 Using the organization directory
Chapter 9 Distributed processing
Chapter 10 Integration
Chapter 11 Running Domino Workflow applications
Chapter 12 Domino Workflow and LotusScript
Appendix A Parent - child processing
Appendix B Advanced Web use of Domino Workflow
Appendix C LotusScript sample classes

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