An Implementation of Red Hat OpenShift Network Isolation Using Multiple Ingress Controllers

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Published 28 July 2021

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ISBN-10: 0738459895
ISBN-13: 9780738459899
IBM Form #: REDP-5641-00
(22 pages)

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Authors: Dino Quintero, Loïc Fura, Joyce Mak, VVeera Santoshi Chandanalakshmi Solasa


Red Hat OpenShift is a great platform for developing, testing, and running applications. It handles multitenancy within Red Hat OpenShift Cluster by using users and namespaces, which allows it to run different production applications and workloads on the same Red Hat OpenShift Cluster.

This IBM® Redpaper describes network isolation on a multitenant Red Hat OpenShift cluster.

Table of contents

Problem statement
Cluster network configuration
Ingress controller configuration
Load balancer configuration
Red Hat OpenShift network policy
Application deployment

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