Db2 for z/OS Utilities in Practice

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Published 29 June 2018, updated 25 September 2018

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ISBN-10: 0738456942
ISBN-13: 9780738456942
IBM Form #: REDP-5503-00
(74 pages)

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Authors: Craig Friske, Hendrik Mynhardt


As IBM® continues to enhance the functionality, performance, and availability of IBM Db2®, the utilities have made significant strides towards self-management.

IBM Db2 for z/OS utilities is leading the trend towards autonomics. During the last couple of versions of Db2 for z/OS, and through the maintenance stream, new features and enhancements have been delivered to further improve the performance and functionality of the Db2 utilities.

The intent of this IBM Redpaper™ publication is to help Db2 Database Administrators, Db2 System Programmers, and anyone who runs Db2 for z/OS utilities implement best practices. The intent of this paper is not to replicate the Db2 for z/OS Utilities Reference Guide or the Db2 for z/OS Installation Guide.

This paper describes and informs you how to apply real-life practical preferred practices for the IBM Db2 for z/OS Utilities Suite. The paper concentrates on the enhancements provided by Db2 utilities, regardless of the version, albeit some functions and features are available only in Db2 12 for IBM z/OS®.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Loading Db2 data
Chapter 2. Reorganizing Db2 data
Chapter 3. Db2 backup and recovery
Chapter 4. Statistics collection (RUNSTATS)
Chapter 5. Db2 Real Time Statistics (RTS)
Chapter 6. Repairability and REPAIR CATALOG
Chapter 7. Db2 DSNZPARMs for utilities

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