Disk Storage Access with DB2 for z/OS

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Published 09 June 2006

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IBM Form #: REDP-4187-00
(52 pages)

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Authors: Paolo Bruni, John Iczkovits


Disk storage has changed rapidly over the past few years with the delivery of new functions and improved performance. DB2 has made many changes to keep pace and make use of the disk improvements:

- DB2 integrates with the storage management software and continues to deliver synergy with FICON (fiber connector) channels and disk storage features.

- DB2 uses Parallel Access Volume and Multiple Allegiance features of the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) and DS8000.

- FlashCopy V2 helps increase the availability of your data while running the CHECK INDEX SHRLEVEL(CHANGE) utility.

- DB2 integrates with z/OS 1.5 and later to deliver the system point-in-time recovery capability, a solution applicable to recovery, disaster recovery, or environment cloning needs.

- ESS and DS8000 FlashCopy are used for DB2 BACKUP and RESTORE SYSTEM utilities, which implement the solution.

- Larger control interval sizes help performance with table space scans, and resolve some data integrity issues.

- Striping is an effective way of increasing sequential throughput by spreading control intervals across multiple devices.

- The MIDAW function, new with the z9-109 server, improves FICON performance by reducing channel utilization and increasing throughput for parallel access streams.

In this IBM Redpaper, we explore several of these features and the improved synergy in recent versions up to DB2 for z/OS Version 8.

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