IBM DS8900F Product Guide Release 9.2

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Published 31 August 2021

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ISBN-10: 0738459968
ISBN-13: 9780738459967
IBM Form #: REDP-5554-02
(36 pages)

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Authors: Bertrand Dufrasne


This IBM® Redbooks Product Guide provides an overview of the features and functions that are available with the IBM DS8900F models that run microcode Release 9.2 (Bundle 89.20 / Licensed Machine Code 7.9.20).

As of August 2021, the DS8900F with DS8000 Release 9.2 is the latest addition. The DS8900F is an all-flash system exclusively, and it offers three classes:

  • IBM DS8980F: Analytic Class:
    The DS8980F Analytic Class offers best performance for organizations that want to expand their workload possibilities to artificial intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence, and Machine Learning.
  • IBM DS8950F: Agility Class:
    The agility class is efficiently designed to consolidate all your mission-critical workloads for IBM Z, IBM LinuxONE, IBM Power Systems, and distributed environments under a single all-flash storage solution..
  • IBM DS8910F: Flexibility Class:
    The flexibility class delivers significant performance for midrange organizations that are looking to meet storage challenges with advanced functionality delivered as a single rack solution.

Table of contents

Did you know
Product highlights
Architecture and key components
DS8900F models
DS8900F weight specifications and dimensions
Other configuration features
Warranty information and upgrades
Model conversion
Scalable upgrades
Licensed functions
Remote code load
Call Home and remote support
Supported environments

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