Cyber Resiliency Solution using IBM Spectrum Virtualize


Published 20 August 2021

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ISBN-10: 0738459925
ISBN-13: 9780738459929
(24 pages)

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This document is intended to facilitate the solution for Safeguarded Copy for cyber resiliency and logical air gap solution for IBM FlashSystem and SAN Volume Controller. The document showcases the configuration and end-to-end architecture for configuring the logical air-gap solution for cyber resiliency by using the Safeguarded Copy feature in IBM FlashSystem and IBM SAN Volume Control storage.

The information in this document is distributed on an “as is” basis without any warranty that is either expressed or implied. Support assistance for the use of this material is limited to situations where IBM FlashSystem or IBM SAN Volume Controller storage devices are supported and entitled and where the issues are specific to a blueprint implementation.

Table of contents

About this document
Executive Summary
Getting started: Cyber Resiliency Solution using Safeguarded Copy with IBM FlashSystem Arrays
Architecture for Cyber Resiliency solution using Safeguarded Copy: Lab setup
Configuring a Safeguarded Pool on IBM FlashSystem
Setting up volume groups and a Safeguarded Policy
Safeguarded backup policy
Installing and configuring IBM’s Copy Services Manager
Safeguarded Copy Backup of a production volume running an MS-SQL database
Restore/Recover of data by using immutable Safeguarded Copy backups
Restoring from a Safeguarded backup copy

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