IBM FlashSystem for VMware vSphere with Tanzu Basic Edition An IBM Validated Solution Guide


Published 16 June 2021

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ISBN-10: 0738459798
ISBN-13: 9780738459790
(16 pages)

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The focus of this Blueprint is to demonstrate how IBM FlashSystem® with IBM Spectrum® Virtualize can be used as a preferred back-end persistent storage for VMware Tanzu-based deployments.

This document describes the use of IBM® FlashSystem storage volumes as virtual volumes (vVols) that are made available to provision persistent volumes for a VMware Tanzu deployment.

All models of IBM FlashSystem family are supported by this document, including:

  • FlashSystem 9100 and 9200
  • FlashSystem 7200
  • FlashSystem 5000
  • IBM SAN Volume Controller
  • All storage that is running IBM Spectrum Virtualize software

By using IBM Spectrum Connect VASA provider with IBM Spectrum Virtualize, the vVols are used to create a data store under vCenter. Post provisioning of VMware Tanzu Kubernetes grid service (TKGS), the vVols data store is used to provision the persistent volumes for future applications that are deployed on the worker nodes.

Table of contents

Executive summary
Lab setup
Configuring VM Storage Policy
Assigning VM Storage Policy to a namespace
StorageClass object and Persistent Volume Claim
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