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Meet the newest member of the IBM Z family

IBM z16


Accelerate your digital transformation initiatives

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IBM z16 Technical Introduction

Introduces the latest member of the IBM Z® platform that is built with the IBM Telum processor: the IBM z16 server.

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Flash storage

IBM FlashSystem 7300 Product Guide

This IBM® Redpaper Product Guide describes the IBM FlashSystem® 7300 solution, which is a next-generation IBM FlashSystem control enclosure

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Spectrum Computing

IBM Spectrum Fusion Product Guide

Short overview of IBM’s integrated environment for container workloads, IBM Spectrum Fusion.

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IBM DS8000 Copy Services: Updated for IBM DS8000 Release 9.1
Storage Solutions

28 January 2023, Redbooks

This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you plan, install, configure, and manage Copy Services on the IBM DS8000® operating in an IBM Z® or Open Systems environment. This book helps you design and implement a new Copy Services installation or migrate from an existing installation. It includes hints and tips to maximize the effectiveness of your installation, and information about tools and ...

IBM DS8000 Transparent Cloud Tiering: DS8000 Release 9.3
Software Defined Storage

27 January 2023, Redbooks

This IBM® Redbooks® publication gives a broad understanding of storage clouds and the initial functions that were introduced for mainframe data to be transferred to cloud storage . IBM Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem (DFSMS) and the IBM DS8000® added functions to provide elements of serverless data movement, and for IBM z/OS® to communicate with a storage cloud. The function is known ...

IBM Db2 13 for z/OS Performance Topics

27 January 2023, Redbooks

IBM® Db2® 13 for z/OS delivers innovations that can improve your ability to make well-informed business decisions. As the industry's first relational database that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into SQL queries, Db2 13 combines deep-learning capabilities with advanced IBM Z® technologies to reveal hidden relationships across tables and views in your Db2 data. As with earlier releases ...

Implementation Guide for IBM Spectrum Virtualize Version 8.5
Hybrid Flash storage

24 January 2023, Redbooks

IBM FlashSystem and IBM SAN Volume Controller solutions incorporate some of the top IBM technologies that are typically found only in enterprise-class storage systems, which raise the standard for storage efficiency in midrange disk systems. These cutting-edge storage systems extend the comprehensive storage portfolio from IBM and can help change the way organizations address the ongoing ...

IBM Z Flexible Capacity for Cyber Resiliency

20 January 2023, Draft Redpaper

With IBM Z Flexible Capacity for Cyber Resiliency, IBM will introduce a new temporary capacity, that offers clients new levels of flexibility and control.

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