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IBM Redbooks are developed through a unique residency program that teams IBM technical professionals with Business Partners, clients, and IBM product development staff. A team of residents is chosen through a competitive nomination process to come to the U.S. and learn about a product in-depth. Those non-native residents who come to the U.S, come for a maximum of 4 weeks, during which time they meet with colleagues at one of the ITSO centers. They focus on a particular assigned topic and learn and educate themselves about new products and processes. They acquire hands on lab experience in an internal, simulated learning environment (not a customer environment) while in the U.S, which includes, running processes, engaging in discussions and sharing ideas. They take detailed/copious notes while in the U.S., but then return home in order to synthesize and enhance their topic focus (for several weeks), thereby further expanding upon what they’ve learned. While back home, they correspond with their ITSO project leader via email/phone to analyze and further discuss outcomes and observations. The project leader then compiles and writes a Redbooks publication using feedback and results from all those involved in the project. This rough draft is then sent to the editing team to create the final version cleaning up English as a second language issues, spelling, grammar, graphics, punctuation, clarity, readability and style.

Would you like to join a team writing an IBM Redbooks publication? Find an upcoming residency in the list below and submit an online nomination!

Note: The ITSO pays authorized travel and living expenses for all residents, but does not compensate for the time or services of its residents. For IBMers, ITSO residency travel is pre-approved. See How Residencies Work for more details. .

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3. IBM BPM Design Guide, SA-W405-R01 Closed
Starts 20 Oct 2014, ends 14 Nov 2014 (4 weeks). Accepting back-up nominations.
4. IBM Platform Computing Redbooks Updates Residency, PW-4302-R02 Open
Starts 27 Oct 2014, ends 21 Nov 2014 (4 weeks) and requires 4 residents.
5. End to End Security with System z, ZS-4P06-R01 Open
Starts 03 Nov 2014, ends 25 Nov 2014 (3.5 weeks) and requires 4 residents.
6. PLANNING Enabling Business Critical Analytics with System z and Hybrid Transaction and Analytics Processing (HyTAP), ZS-4P03-R02 Coming
Planned start 08 Dec 2014, end 19 Dec 2014 (4 weeks). Not accepting nominations yet.