IBM Redbooks are developed through a unique residency program that teams IBM technical professionals with Business Partners, clients, and IBM product development staff. Depending on the market needs of a product or solution, a team of residents is chosen through a competitive nomination process and works at one of the ITSO centers for two to eight weeks, devoted to developing IBM Redbooks. Would you like to join a team writing an IBM Redbooks publication? Find an upcoming residency in the list below and submit an online nomination!

Note: The ITSO pays authorized travel and living expenses for all residents, but does not compensate for the time or services of its residents. For IBMers, ITSO residency travel is pre-approved. See How Residencies Work for more details.

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Update ABCs of z/OS System Programming Volume 2 plus one, ZS-7002-R04

Starts 14 Aug 2017, ends 08 Sep 2017 (4 weeks) and requires 2 residents.


Open DBaaS Implementation and Best Practices Guide, PW-7201-R01

Starts 11 Sep 2017, ends 06 Oct 2017 (4 weeks) and requires 3 residents.


CICS Liberty JVM Server - Java EE in CICS, ZS-7C03-R01

Starts 02 Oct 2017, ends 27 Oct 2017 (4 weeks) and requires 4 residents.


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