IBM Spectrum Computing Solutions

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Updated 11 April 2017

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ISBN-10: 0738442522
ISBN-13: 9780738442525
IBM Form #: SG24-8373-00
(222 pages)

Authors: Dino Quintero, Daniel de Souza Casali, Eduardo Luis Cerdas Moya, Federico Fros, Maciej Olejniczak


This IBM Spectrum Computing Solutions Redbooks publication is a follow up book to update each of the available offerings that are part of the IBM portfolio of Cloud, analytics, technical computing, and High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions for our clients. This IBM Redbooks publication delivers descriptions of the available offerings from IBM Spectrum Computing (formerly IBM Platform Computing) that address challenges for our clients in each industry. We include a few implementation and testing scenarios with selected solutions.

This publication helps strengthen the position of IBM Spectrum Computing solutions with a well-defined and documented deployment model within an IBM Systems environment. This deployment model offers clients a planned foundation for dynamic cloud infrastructure, provisioning, large-scale parallel HPC application development, cluster management, and grid applications.

This book is targeted toward technical professionals (consultants, technical support staff, IT Architects, and IT Specialists) responsible for delivering cost effective cloud services, big data, and analytics solutions on IBM Power Systems helping to uncover insights among client's data so they can take actions to optimize business results, product development, and scientific discoveries.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Spectrum Computing
Chapter 2. IBM Spectrum Computing family
Chapter 3. IBM Spectrum Computing requirements
Chapter 4. IBM Spectrum LSF
Chapter 5. IBM Spectrum Symphony
Chapter 6. IBM Spectrum Conductor
Chapter 7. Cluster management with IBM Spectrum Cluster Foundation
Chapter 8. Use case scenarios
Appendix A. IBM Cluster Foundation high availability configuration example

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