Mainframe from Scratch Volume 1 Initial Build for z/OS

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This IBM® Redbooks® publication helps you install, customize, and configure an IBM z13™ and build z/OS® environments.

This book is intended for those readers who are new to the platform and are faced with the task of installing a mainframe for the first time. By the term “mainframe” in this instance, we refer to the hardware and the system software. The intention is to show you how this installation can be done.

Volume 1 shows you how we set up a mainframe and installed z/OS V2R2 and IBM DB2® V11. The starting point is a basic hardware configuration of an IBM z13 and DS8000® as shipped from the factory. Volume 1 shows you how the following milestones were achieved:

- Creating a configuration for the Customized Offering Driver (COD) system.
- Stand-alone restoration of the COD.
- Expanding the configuration.
- Installing the z/OS V2R2 ServerPac.
- Loading and running IVPs for z/OS ServerPac
- Installing DB2 ServerPac and IVPs.

This publication includes numerous figures that show you how the initial builds were achieved.

For this book, we designed a scenario and show you how to build that scenario step-by-step. Although your requirements likely differ from our scenario, we intend to provide you with an example to show you how it can be done and samples and downloadable materials that you can choose to modify to bring you closer to meeting your needs.

This book is divided into the following parts:

- Part 1: Overview and Planning
In this part, we introduce you to how we approached the project.

- Part 2: Configuration and builds
In this part, we describe the tasks that must be completed to create the initial build for the scenario that is described in Part 1.

Table of contents

Part 1. Overview and planning
Chapter 1. Overview
Chapter 2. Pre-planning
Chapter 3. Planning

Part 2. Configuration and Builds
Chapter 4. Phase 1: IBM z13 preparation
Chapter 5. Phase 2: Stand-alone hardware configuration
Chapter 6. Phase 3: DS8000 logical configuration
Chapter 7. Phase 4: OSA-ICC and TN3270 configuration
Chapter 8. Phase 5: Customized Offering Driver restore
Chapter 9. Phase 6: Initial program load of the COD system
Chapter 10. Phase 7: Expanding the configuration
Chapter 11. Phase 08: ServerPac installation preparation
Chapter 12. Phase 09: ServerPac Build of z/OS V2R2
Chapter 13. Phase 10: First initial program load of z/OS V2R2
Chapter 14. Phase 11: ServerPac DB2 build
Chapter 15. Phase 12: Customizing and initializing DB2 V11 subsystem


These pages are Web versions of IBM Redbooks- and Redpapers-in-progress. They are published here for those who need the information now and may contain spelling, layout and grammatical errors.

This material has not been submitted to any formal IBM test and is published AS IS. It has not been the subject of rigorous review. Your feedback is welcomed to improve the usefulness of the material to others.

IBM assumes no responsibility for its accuracy or completeness. The use of this information or the implementation of any of these techniques is a customer responsibility and depends upon the customer's ability to evaluate and integrate them into the customer's operational environment.


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09 March 2016

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