IBM TS4500 Tape Library Guide

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The IBM TS4500 tape library is a next-generation tape solution that delivers higher storage density and integrated management and now supports the IBM TS1150 tape drive.

This IBM Redbooks publication will give you a close-up view of the new IBM TS4500 tape library. In the TS4500, IBM delivers the density that today’s and tomorrow’s data growth require, with the cost-efficiency and the manageability to grow with business data needs while preserving existing investments in IBM tape library products.

Now, organizations can achieve both a low cost per terabyte (TB) and a high TB density per square foot. In fact, the TS4500 can store up to 5.5 PBs of data in a single 10 square foot library frame, up to 3.4 times more capacity than the IBM TS3500 tape library.

This book covers the TS4500 product description, components, feature codes, specifications, supported tape drives, encryption, new integrated management console, and the command-line interface (CLI).

This publication is intended for anyone who wants to understand more about the IBM TS4500 tape library. This book is suitable for IBM clients, IBM Business Partners, IBM specialist sales representatives, and technical specialists.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. IBM TS4500 tape library
Chapter 2. TS4500 Linear Tape-Open and 3592 tape drives
Chapter 3. Encryption
Chapter 4. TS4500 management graphical user interface (GUI)
Chapter 5. Command-line interface (CLI)


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14 December 2014

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30 January 2015

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