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Yaro Dunchych introduces the IBM Redbooks publication "IBM Software for SAP Solutions".


SAP is a market leader in enterprise business application software. SAP solutions provide a rich set of composable application modules, and configurable functional capabilities which are expected from a comprehensive enterprise business application software suite.

In most cases, companies that adopt SAP software remain heterogeneous enterprises running both SAP and non-SAP systems to support their business processes. Regardless of the specific scenario, in heterogeneous enterprises most SAP implementations must be integrated with a variety of non-SAP enterprise systems, portals, messaging infrastructure, business process management (BPM) tools, enterprise content management (ECM) methods and tools, business analytics (BA) and business intelligence (BI) technologies, security, systems of record, systems of engagement, and so on.

The tooling shipped with SAP software addresses many needs for creating SAP-centric environments. However, the classic approach to implementing SAP functionality generally leaves the business with a rigid solution that is difficult and expensive to change and enhance.

When SAP software is used in a large, heterogeneous enterprise environment, SAP clients face the dilemma of selecting the right set of tools and platforms to implement SAP functionality and to integrate the SAP solutions with non-SAP systems.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication explains the value of integrating IBM software with SAP solutions. It describes how to enhance and extend pre-built capabilities in SAP software with best-in-class IBM enterprise software, enabling clients to maximize ROI in their SAP investment and achieve a balanced enterprise architecture approach. This book describes IBM Reference Architecture for SAP, a prescriptive blueprint for using IBM software in SAP solutions. The Reference Architecture is focused on defining the use of IBM Software with SAP and is not intended to address the internal aspects of SAP components.

This book is targeted to the following audiences:

  • Client decision makers and solution architects leading enterprise transformation projects and wishing to gain further insight so they can benefit from the integration of IBM Software in large scale SAP projects.
  • IT Architects and consultants integrating IBM technology with SAP solutions.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Why IBM Software matters in SAP Solutions
Chapter 2. IBM Reference Architecture for SAP
Chapter 3. Enterprise integration services for SAP
Chapter 4. Process optimization for SAP
Chapter 5. Mobile access for SAP
Chapter 6. Portal integration with SAP
Chapter 7. Master data management for SAP
Chapter 8. Enterprise Content Management for SAP
Chapter 9. Business Analytics for SAP
Chapter 10. DevOps for SAP
Chapter 11. Systems security for SAP
Chapter 12. Systems management for SAP


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09 September 2014

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