IBM MQ V8 Features and Enhancements

A draft IBM Redbooks publication

Universal Messaging with IBM MQ V8


This IBM® Redbooks® publication covers the core enhancements made in IBM MQ V8 and the concepts that must be understood.

A broad understanding of the product features is key to making informed design and implementation choices for both the infrastructure and the applications that access it.

Details of new areas of function for IBM MQ are introduced throughout this book, such as the changes to security, publish/subscribe clusters, and System z exploitation.

The four distinct parts of this book provide a sample environment in which to gain an understanding of new MQ concepts. The four parts of this book are:

Part 1, “Introduction to MQ V8” on page 1 of this publication gives the reader a basic understanding of messaging middleware technologies. It also gives an short description of all the enhancements which are part of MQ V8.

Part 2, “New for all platforms” on page 19 goes into technical detail of features and enhancements that are common to all platforms, both Distributed and z/OS.

Part 3, “New for z/OS” on page 103 discusses features that are unique to the implementation of MQ on z/OS.

Part 4, “Scenarios” on page 175 illustrates some of the features described in Parts 2 and 3 in multi-faceted scenarios. This assumes a good knowledge of many of the basic features that were introduced in previous versions of MQ.

Table of contents

Part I - Introduction to MQ V8
Chapter 1 - Overview
Chapter 2 - Introduction
Part II - New for all platforms
Chapter 3 - Topic host routed publish/subscribe
Chapter 4 - User authentication
Chapter 5 - SSL/TLS Digital Certificate Management
Part III New for z/OS
Chapter 6 - Buffer Pool Enhancements
Chapter 7 - Extending the log RBA and conversion
Chapter 8 - SMF changes - adding channel data to the mix
Chapter 9 - Exploitation of new System z features
Part IV - Scenarios
Chapter 10 - Topic host routed publish/subscribe scenarios
Chapter 11 - Authentication scenarios
Chapter 12 - CHINIT SMF scenarios
Chapter 13 - Advantages of a buffer pool above the bar
Chapter 14 - Scenarios using SCM with MQ
Chapter 15 - Scenarios using zEDC with MQ


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