x86/Unix Practical Migration to Linux on System z

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There are many reasons why you would want to optimize your servers through virtualization using Linux on System z:
* Too many distributed physical servers with low utilization
* A lengthy provisioning process that delays the implementation of new applications
* Limitations in data center power and floor space
* High Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
* Difficulty allocating processing power for a dynamic environment.
This IBM Redpaper Redbooks publication publication will provide a technical planning guide and example for IT organizations to migrate from their x86 environment to Linux on System z. .

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Benefits of migrating workloads to Linux on System z
Chapter 2. Analyze and understand
Chapter 3. Virtualization concepts
Chapter 4. Migration process
Chapter 5. Migration planning
Chapter 6. Migration analysis
Chapter 7. Deployment of workloads
Chapter 8. Hands-on migration
Chapter 9. Post Migration Consideration
Appendix A. Additional use case scenarios
Appendix B. Additional material


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25 June 2014

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15 July 2014

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