IBM System z in a Mobile World Providing Secure and Timely Mobile Access to the Mainframe

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Today, organizations engage with customers, business partners, and employees who are increasingly using mobile technology as their primary general-purpose computing platform. These organizations have an opportunity to fully embrace this new mobile technology for many types of transactions, including everything from exchanging information to exchanging goods and services, from employee self-service to customer service. With this mobile engagement, organizations can build new insight into the behavior of their customers so that organizations can better anticipate customer needs and gain a competitive advantage by offering new services.

Becoming a mobile enterprise is about re-imagining your business around constantly connected customers and employees. The speed of mobile adoption dictates transformational innovation rather than incremental innovation. Mobile really is disruptive innovation.

This brings some specific challenges:

- React to a new set of user expectations about the way users interact with your company.

- Deliver high-quality mobile applications quickly and efficiently.

- Cope with sudden unexpected increases in mobile initiated transactions, for example when a new sales offer becomes available.

- Manage a wide range of different devices and adapting the existing enterprise security framework to the unique security challenges of a mobile environment.

This IBM Redbooks publication provides an end-to-end example of creating a scalable, secure mobile application infrastructure that uses data that is on an IBM mainframe. The book uses an insurance-based application as an example, and shows how the application is built, tested, and deployed into production.

Th IBM Redbooks publication is targeted towards application architects and decision makers who are looking to employ mobile technology in concert with their mainframe environment.

Table of contents

Part 1. Understanding the business context in a mobile world
Chapter 1. Business drivers for a mobile enterprise
Chapter 2. Introducing IBM MobileFirst for enterprise mobile solutions
Chapter 3. Bridging the gap from mobile to transactional systems
Chapter 4. IBM Worklight: the foundation for mobile solutions
Part 2. Architecting and planning a mobile solution
Chapter 5. Deployment model for a mobile solution on IBM System z
Chapter 6. The mobile enterprise architecture IBM System z
Chapter 7. Designing for resilience
Chapter 8. Designing for security
Part 3. Customer scenario


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