IBM Wave for z/VM Installation, Implementation, and Exploitation - Update

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IBM® Wave for z/VM® is a virtualization management solution for IBM z/VM and Linux on z Systems. This virtualization management software provides a simplified and cost effective way for companies to harness the consolidation capabilities of the IBM z Systems platform and its ability to host the workloads of tens of thousands of commodity servers. IBM Wave for z/VM is a complete management solution for z Systems-based virtual server farms.

This IBM Redbooks® publication provides a guide to understanding IBM Wave for z/VM by providing information about the IBM Wave for z/VM architecture and how it fits into the Cloud. Also provided is a planning and design guide that is based on common scenarios. This IBM Redbooks publication also provides installation and configuration task information and how to manage and operate the environment.

The intended audience for this IBM Redbooks publication is IT Architects who are responsible for planning their IBM Wave for z/VM environments and IT Specialists who are responsible for implementing them.

Table of contents

Part 1. Architecture and installation
Chapter 1. Introduction to IBM Wave for z/VM
Chapter 2. IBM Wave for z/VM architecture
Chapter 3. Planning and design
Chapter 4. Installation and configuration
Part 2. Using IBM Wave for z/VM
Chapter 5. Managing and operating the user interface environment
Chapter 6. Managing z/VM
Chapter 7. Managing Linux virtual machines
Chapter 8. Wave Parameters


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