IBM b-type Gen 5 16 Gbps Switches and Network Advisor

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IBM System Storage® Gen 5 fabric backbones are among the industry's most powerful Fibre Channel switching infrastructure offerings. They provide reliable, scalable, high-performance foundations for mission-critical storage. These fabric backbones also deliver enterprise connectivity options to add support for IBM FICON® connectivity, offering a high-performing and reliable FICON infrastructure with fast and scalable IBM System z® servers.

Designed to increase business agility while providing nonstop access to information and reducing infrastructure and administrative costs, Gen 5 Fibre Channel fabric backbones deliver a new level of scalability and advanced capabilities to this robust, reliable, high-performance technology.

Although every network type has unique management requirements, most organizations face similar challenges managing their network environments. These challenges can include minimizing network downtime, reducing operational expenses, managing application service level agreements (SLAs) and providing robust security. Until now, no single tool has been able to address these needs across different network types.

To address this issue, the IBM Network Advisor software management tool provides comprehensive management for data, storage, and converged networks. This single application can deliver end-to-end visibility and insight across different network types by integrating with Fabric Vision technology; it supports Fibre Channel SANsÑincluding Gen 5 Fibre Channel platformsÑIBM FICON® and IBM b-type SAN FCoE networks. In addition, this tool supports comprehensive lifecycle management capabilities across different networks through a simple, seamless user experience.

In this book we introduce the concepts, architecture, and basic implmentation of Gen 5 and IBM Network Advisor.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. Product Introduction
Chapter 2. Product Hardware and Features
Chapter 3. IBM Network Advisor
Chapter 4. Initial switch setup and configuration
Chapter 5. Gen 5 and IBM FlashSystem
Chapter 6. Best Practices
Chapter 7. Troubleshooting


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