The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 1: IBM z/VM 6.3

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There are many new features and functions that come with the latest version and release of z/VM. This IBM Redbooks publication will update the current book to the latest versions and releases in order to include and document these great new features as well as enable you to install SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This book is the first volume in a series of three volumes:
* The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 1: IBM z/VM 6.3
* The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 2: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.1, SG24-8303
* The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z Systems Volume 3: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12, SG24-8890

Table of contents

Part 1. Using IBM z/VM 6.3
Chapter 1. Introduction to Linux on the IBM mainframe under z/VM
Chapter 2. Planning
Chapter 3. Configuring a workstation for mainframe access
Chapter 4. Install and configure z/VM
Chapter 5. Service z/VM
Chapter 6. Planning and preparation for Linux workloads
Part 2. Other topics
Chapter 7. z/VM live guest relocation
Chapter 8. z/VM Systems Management API (SMAPI) and Resource Access Control Facility (RACF/VM)
Chapter 9. Monitor z/VM and Linux
Chapter 10. Working with disks
Chapter 11. Working with networks
Chapter 12. Miscellaneous recipes
Appendix A. References, cheat sheets and blank worksheets
Appendix B. Additional material


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