WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile Guide for Developers

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IBM WebSphere® Application Server V8.5 includes a Liberty profile, which is a highly composable, dynamic application server profile. It is designed for two specific use cases: Developer with a smaller production run time, and production environments. For a developer, it focuses on the tasks a developer does most frequently and makes it possible for the developer to complete those tasks as quickly and as simply as possible. For production environments, it provides a dynamic, small footprint run time to be able to maximize system resources.

This IBM® Redbooks® publication provides you with information to effectively use the WebSphere Application Server V8.5 Liberty profile along with the WebSphere Application Server Developer Tools for Eclipse, for development and testing of web applications that do not require a full Java Platform. It provides a quick guide on getting started, providing a scenario-based approach to demonstrate the capabilities of the Liberty profile along with the developer tools, providing a simplified, but comprehensive, application development and testing environment.

The intended audience for this book is developers of web and OSGi applications who are familiar with web and OSGi application concepts.

This book has been updated to reflect the new features in WebSphere Application Server.

Table of contents

Chapter 1. An introduction to the Liberty profile
Chapter 2. Installation
Chapter 3. Developing and deploying web applications
Chapter 4. Iterative development of OSGi applications
Chapter 5. Developing enterprise applications with Liberty profile
Chapter 6. Configuring application security
Chapter 7. Serviceability and troubleshooting
Chapter 8. From development to production
Chapter 9. Developing and deploying custom features
Appendix A. Additional material


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15 June 2015

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24 August 2015

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